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peas in a pod, darling


i won this auction sometime last month and still hadent gotten it..so i emailed the person and told them if they werent gonna send it then i wanted my money back..then they emailed me back and told me that the post office was robbed and that some of the items they sent were stolen..ah ha..lame excuse..but ooo..

ee he..i's excited

yesterday i downloaded 113 potc clips because i'm insane

plus, i cant make my own cause we still havent got our dvd-rom for this computer..ARRRsljhs..mm..I LOVE THEM..

parsley..par-, partner, partner..howdy partner..howde partner HOWDEE PARTNER


that's the one! PARLEY! PARLEY!!

-parley?! DOWN to the depths whatever man that thought up “parley”!

french. latin-based, of course..inventors of mayonaise

-i like mayonaise

shame about the french, really. obsessed w/ raisens. humiliated grapes, really. think about it.

-dont know

terrific singers, the french. (snippy whistle) eunuchs, all of 'em.

--that's not right

-i used to date a eunuch

i'll get me coat

ahhhh hahaha
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